Típus: Egyéb Régió: Budapest Üzleti szektor: Egyéb Értékhatár: 60.000.001 - 150.000.000 HUF
0 hátralévő napok
79 Megtekintés

in Kiraly street

VI. district, great traffic flow, in Kiraly Street, tidy four-storey building with elevator on the 1st floor, 132nm, 4 bedrooms, balcony, comfortable double-inch flat 85,9MFT sale price direction. The property is renovating occurred in 2015, during which: a complete replacement engineering (water and power lines), the most modern condensing boiler has been installed, covering the areas with cold underfloor heating, while the other rooms radiators provide warmth. The external façade openings tree is located in the inner courtyard viewers are made of plastic. Thanks to the great housing allocation can be easily converted, upon request a gallery. Parking lot adjacent to the newly built condominium garage level, under a separate agreement for purchase on demand.

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