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Looking for business partners or investors

A family from the Lviv region (Ukraine) is looking for business partners, equity investors, or financial help (Patron) for the ostrich breeding farm. There is an experience in keeping these animals, as well as a business plan. To do this, they have the land, the right location, business ideas, products for their nutrition. Breeding of ostriches is a craft that is gaining popularity in more than 100 countries of the world, as well as in Ukraine. Interest in ostriches is quite obvious. This is a 100% profitable business ostrich for a good boost in meat, for large eggs, waste-free production and a wide range of products derived from the growing of this bird. To breeding ostriches is its meat and a large egg. In a world that prefers healthy food, ostrich meat is good, which meets all the requirements of nutritionists. It is worth noting that ostrich skin is also used to tailor jackets, bags and shoes. In all restaurants, ostrich egg dishes are considered a delicacy, while egg shell is used for decorative purposes. Ostrich feathers, like a hundred years ago, are popular in fashion boutiques. Terraces are gaining great popularity among tourism. We will thank you for any help. If you are interested in calling let’s meet and discuss everything during the meeting. Thanks.


‎+380672864850 (Andrew)


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